Command Line Productivity by Brent Summers

Command Line Productivity

Reclaim your Mac as a workstation and stop getting distracted


Command Line Productivity

It takes just 30 minutes to get this set up and running on your Mac. Want to go more in-depth?  There's a 7-part video series (with bonuses) that explains how to customize Alfred to vanquish all distractions on your Mac and start getting deep work done.

"The best thing for my productivity since GTD" - James Klaff

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What's included?

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Get Alfred Ready
Download/Buy Alfred 3
Download the Productivity PowerPack
123 KB
Learn the Method
Lesson 1 - Configuring Alfred 3 and installing the PowerPack Workflows
13 mins
Lesson 2 - Setting up our To-Do workflows with "Start" and "Plan"
12 mins
Lesson 3 - Customizing the "Work Timer" workflows by category
12 mins
Lesson 4 - Optimizing for different work situations and picking the right workflow for the job
10 mins
Lesson 5 - Pomodoro technique and workflow integrations
10 mins
Bonus - A few of my other favorite workflows
320 KB
Bonus Lesson 1 - Building your own Alfred Workflows
12 mins
Bonus Lesson 2 - Advanced Script Workflows in Alfred
8 mins